COVID-19 Update


VIC • Expanded kennelling times prior to first race,• Vetting Greyhounds in outdoor areas (where possible).

• Removal of parading in front of the pavilion prior to race.

• Minimum distance of 3 metres when walking greyhounds to the starting boxes;

• All greyhounds boxed individually from 1 to 8.

• Handlers leave starting area as soon as they loaded their greyhound.

• Races and trials closed to public, owners, non-essential personnel and wagering operators.

• Children not allowed at all tracks.

• All participants dressed in accordance with dress code.

• Limited media attendance.

• Non-racing activities at clubs cancelled.

• Use of bibs ceased.

• Starters fees paid electronically.

• Bar and kitchen/bistro facilities closed.

• Patron areas and function rooms open for those allowed to attend race meetings however room capacity regulations for social distancing must be adhered to.

• Restrictions placed on number of people in each room in operation on race day as per the room measurements to adhere to the social distancing guidelines – room capacity numbers will be displayed and managed accordingly.

• Race day trials will be limited to two dogs maximum per trial.

• No cash transactions on course – all payments for trials to be either online or by card.

• GRV Office closed to visitors, Staff working remotely where possible.

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