Club Statement

As you would be aware, part way through our race meeting on Saturday 8th January we abandoned the meeting due to equipment failure with the lure.


GRV have appointed an experienced and independent investigator to commence a formal investigation which will involve a review of the equipment and the procedures on a race day. We are currently working with GRV and the independent investigator to determine the cause of the failure, which we expect may take several days.


We will endeavour to notify members and trainers of any outcomes and commit to actions that will ensure recommended works/improvements are undertaken as soon as practical with the view to getting back to racing.


Members and participants can be assured that GRV and the Cranbourne GRC have actively prioritised the safety of our people and the dogs, and we will continue to do so.  We remain committed to continuous improvement and effective maintenance of the track and equipment to provide safe racing at all times.


Participants are reminded that free confidential, independent and professional phone counselling services are available to all participants and their immediate families through the Greyhound Participant Support (GPS) service provided by Access EAP, 24 hours a day, by calling 1300 739 550.

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