Club Statement

The Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club would like to clarify the events leading up to the abandonment of last Friday’s race meeting.


The meeting was abandoned after Race 4 due to flooding of the gutters and drains which resulted in an overflow of water on to the back straight corner. The excessive amount of rain in the afternoon meant that the gutters and drainage could not handle the dispersal of water, causing the water to flow back on to the track in one specific location.


After some significant work to clear the water, our track staff were unable to restore that part of the track to a safe racing surface and the stewards made the decision to abandon the remaining races.


The track was harrowed earlier in the week, but it was not a deep harrow, and the surface was restored to its normal condition before Friday’s meeting.

The harrow did not contribute in any way to the abandonment and the surface was in good condition prior to the flooding.


The club would like to acknowledge the stewards for their professionalism and conduct during the process in difficult circumstances.

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