Absolutely Bossin It

Bossin It (pictured – photo credit Julie Ward) was certainly the boss on Friday night at Cranbourne after taking out his first group race – the Group Three $35,000 Cranbourne Classic. Owners Lauren and Michael Boland and their children Jarvis and Eden where trackside to cheer on their pride and joy.

“I really can’t believe how lucky we are to have won the race. I was super excited but the children were absolutely beside themselves! It has been a whirlwind, we didn’t expect him to go so well in just 13 starts,” Lauren Boland explained.


WATCH: Bossin It take out the Group Three Cranbourne Classic from box five. 


Trainer Jamie Karamatic has assisted Bossin It to six wins and three minor placings – with the Group Three win skyrocketing his prize money to over $40,000.

Lauren and her family have a whole of life approach to their greyhounds, ensuring they are rehomed once they have finished their racing careers. Lauren still keeps in contact with her first greyhound, Tropical Thunder, who raced in 2013 and 2014 and retired after 17 careers starts.

“She was just 22 kilos and is now happily retired in Richmond. We try and see her on greyhound walks so I can bring a little present along for her.”

“I had to know where she went after she finished her racing career! It is so important for me to make sure my greyhounds have a home once they are retired.”

Although Bossin It is only 28 months old, Lauren and her family are already excited for him to retire into her their care. The Boland’s have a very strong attachment to Bossin It and litter brother Time Bandit after taking care of them from nine months old.

PHOTO: Bossin It after his Group Three Cranbourne Classic Victory. Photo credit Julie Ward. 

“We flew Jamie over to Townsville when their litter was just 8 weeks old – so we are extremely happy with the dogs he chose. We believe he has a bit of a knack!”

Bossin It was named after The Meadows tractor driver on Australian Cup night who ‘Bossin It’ around the track.

Lauren and her families support doesn’t just extend to cheering their greyhound at each of their starts, they also spend time at the kennels giving Jamie a helping hand with the dogs.

“We only missed one of Boss’ starts, which was his first city win at The Meadows and that was because we were at a wedding.”

After Bossin It’s victory in the Cranbourne Classic, Jamie has set the target interstate for the Group Three South Australian Derby on September 8.

“I will take Boss to Angle Park to trial in the lead up to the South Australian Derby, which will be about an eight-hour drive,” Lauren explained.

“He just loves to race and he travel’s really well so the drive shouldn’t bother him. He is such a laid back dog with such a great personality. I can’t wait for him to come home and take over the house.”

Lauren and her family aren’t just thankful for the beautiful dogs they have met through their time racing greyhounds but the friendship they now have with Jamie.



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